Thank you for choosing the Mack n Gnosh Candle Collection. A little about what makes us different is that all of our candles are hand poured with a coconut apricot wax which is free of toxins, parabens, and phthalates which gives our candles a creamy white appearance. Coconut Apricot wax also burns more slowly, meaning for the same size candle you get about 10-15% more burn time. We use wooden wicks across our entire line, which creates a light crackle reminiscent of a fireplace as they burn. After each use and the candles have cooled, be sure to remove the light bit of charred wick excess with your fingers to ensure a clean, even burn throughout the life of your candle. Our scents are carefully curated and are sure to be unlike anything else you have experienced. Although we list fragrance notes in the description of each candle, your experiences are sure to be unique. Feel free to let them transform your space and share with us your thoughts.

"Food and cooking have always been major passions of mine. As I’ve gotten older, I also realized how much I love fragrances. I would always be at the fragrance counter, testing out new scents and seeing what I liked most. The more I learned, the more I realized was left to be discovered. Before launching this line of candles, room sprays and seasoning blends, I wanted to make sure that they stayed true to who I am as a creative. Every product in our line has been masterfully curated, tested to create an amazing experience. Thank you for trusting and allowing us into your home." - Chef Mack