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Fleur Mystères Collection

Fleur Mystères Collection

This collection was inspired by my love for florals and my desire to further dispel the myth of perfume having a gender. To quote Tracy Wan, someone who has been amazingly supportive and an inspiration to me, you should "always wear what brings you joy.”

Rather than follow the traditional approach of listing scent notes, this collection offers a blank canvas for each wearer to draw their own interpretations from. To capture the essence of each fragrance, I’ve crafted a brief story around each scent.

One material that I will divulge that is present in each member of the new collection is orris butter. Orris butter is considered one of the most expensive materials used in perfumery. It is the rhizome of Iris Pallida that is aged underground for 3 years and then dry aged for another 3. It takes approximately 1,000 tons of rhizomes to yield about 2 kilos of orris butter.

In my honest opinion, it is worth every penny for the effect that it has in a finished composition. I am confident you all will agree as well.